We are working, throughout the year, to support educators as they incorporate veteran stories into the classroom.


Teacher Conference Washington, D.C.

Our first annual teacher conference, July 23-27 2015, will allow 30 teachers to join together for a week of honoring our veterans and collaborating on lesson plans for the upcoming year. Click HERE to learn more about our upcoming conference.



Lesson Plans

We are working to create a collection of lesson plans, so that any educator can include veterans and their stories in the classroom.  Our goal is to have lessons for any educational setting.  Please contact us if you are interested in contributing to the archive. Click HERE to access our lesson plans, and check back as we will be continuously adding more.



Interview Initiative

We encourage everyone to get out there and interview their local veterans.  That is why we created a toolkit that teaches you how to set up an interview day at your school or local library. We work with educators to get students in the interview room with veterans where they can learn a host of real world skills.  We are also working with the nonprofit, Witness to War, to make interviewing our veterans as easy as possible.

Want to start an interview day at your school?  Here is a toolkit to help organize your event.

Have interviews completed? We would love to add them to the archive.  You will need the veteran to fill out this WAIVER and you can submit your interview and artifacts using this FORM.

Want to start smaller?  We have a great way to get any student involved.  Have them watch a veteran interview and complete a TRANSCRIPT.  The memorial needs volunteers to create transcripts (verbatim scripts of what is said by the interviewer and the veteran) to create subtitles and make the archive a great resource for historians.  To sign up for a particular veteran, use this FORM to see if he/she is available.  Once the transcript is complete, use this FORM to turn in the document.  You will receive a certificate of appreciation and the most engaged students can earn service hours, t-shirts, and even scholarships!