Working with Primary Sources

For a basic introduction into working with videos and artifacts from the archive, use this web quest created by Mary Catherine Bailey.

Want to work with political cartoons?  Try this lesson plan from Diane Ball. 

Are your students struggling with Document Based Questions (DBQs)?  Use this great lesson plan from Christina Cone.

Power Point Presentations

An overview of the "Red Scare" by Diane Ball

This PPT is a great overview of the causes, events, and consequences of the Korean War.  It even comes with a student guide. Created by Christina Cone.

Learn how to use primary sources to take students through the Arc of Inquiry with Dawn Blake's lesson, "The Cold War Dinner Party"


Have your students create a Korean War newspaper using this lesson plan from Traci Butler.

Students will read portions of Archer's Quest, and then create a museum exhibit inspired by the text and veteran stories.  Lesson plan created by Stacey Callaway.

Try using Padlet to make an interactive map of South Korea's major features and history using this lesson plan from Walt Davis.